About Us

INTER GROUP has been in the beauty market for six years. Our activity in the beauty industry is based on the sale, distribution and production of abrasive products. Under the leadership of INTER GROUP operate several brands - MANI KING, ABA GROUP, ELDA BEAUTY, INTERB2B, as well as a file factory.

We specialize in the production of files, polishers and other abrasive articles. We offer more than 150 versions of files, which have different shapes, gradations and designs. Together with us, you can also create a file according to your own design. All products are made in our factory in Namysłów. The factory has been operating since 2015, in the course of our activity we have obtained many quality certificates such as European quality leader, European guarantee of the highest quality, or European Safety Certification.

INTERB2B is a cosmetics wholesaler, where after registration on the website we enable you to buy our products in larger quantities and at a competitive price. MANI KING and ELDA BEAUTY are online drugstores, where you will find many products for nail styling, but also care cosmetics and hygiene articles. On the ABA GROUP website you will find professional tools and utensils, hybrid polish, podiatry equipment, as well as gels and decorations.

As INTER GROUP, we are working to spread good practices in beauty salons. We have started a campaign "I use the file only once" to make stylists aware that a file is not a reusable tool and it cannot be cleaned one hundred percent. To fill a niche in the market related to sterile tools, we created foil-wrapped files in sterile and standard versions.

Eliza Trzmiel, a co-owner of INTER GROUP was awarded in a prestigious competition Entrepreneur of the Year. The plebiscite was organized by EY company. We took part in the category "New Business", where we competed with other Polish businesses.

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