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INTER GROUP has been in the cosmetic market since 2014. Our main business is manufacturing files and other abrasive products at our own factory in Namysłów.
As a company, we promote the use of disposable cosmetic tools - including nail files - to raise hygiene standards in beauty salons. There are several brands operating under the wings of INTER GROUP - MANI KING, ABA GROUP, ELDA BEAUTY, INTERB2B, as well as a file factory.

What proves the quality of our work

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Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

Eliza Trzmiel, the co-owner of INTER GROUP, was awarded in the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year competition organized by EY. We took part in the "New Business" category, where we competed against other Polish businesses.

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The competition consists of three categories - Manufacturing and Services, New Technologies/Innovation and New Business. Each of them has individual criteria, according to which a jury independent of EY selected the winners. The New Business category is aimed at companies that have been operating on the Polish market for two to five years. In addition, strategy, innovation, financial performance, or employee relations were also evaluated.

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Safety first

Safe Package

Aba Group nail files packed in the "Safe Pack" guarantee that the highest standards of safety and hygiene have been maintained during the styling process, and the file has not been previously used. Through a campaign promoting this solution, we raise awareness among nail stylists and their clients that the file is a disposable tool. We were the first on the market to introduce a file packed in foil, which has gained tremendous interest due to increased safety in beauty salons.

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Guarantee of quality

ABA GROUP's files are made from materials produced in the European Union. We use non-toxic raw materials, therefore the adhesives we use have been dermatologically tested. They also do not have irritant or allergenic properties. Our products have numerous certificates, including the European Safety Certificate, European guarantee of the highest quality, European quality leader.

See how we work

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