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    INTER GROUP offers you the opportunity to create your own nail files and polishers with Private Label. By working with us, you can increase your brand recognition with personalised abrasive products with a print of your choice in colour or greyscale. We will create a print design for you to place on your abrasive product or adapt an existing design. Private Label means that there are no restrictions on the choice of file shape, gradation or sandpaper colour within the range. In addition, we also offer the option of wrapping the nail files and polishes in foil to increase tool hygiene (the imprint on the foil can also be personalised).


    Our factory in Namysłów has such a surface area. Files and other abrasive articles are produced using exclusively European components.

    150 thousand.

    That's how many nail files we produce and sell every day.


    Our offer includes over 150 different variations of nail files (shape, grit, thickness).

    We fulfill Private Label orders starting from 10,000 pieces..

    Over the nine years of our operation, we have served over 700 wholesale customers.


    What does your own brand give you?

    Increased market recognition.
    The possibility of personalizing the majority of product features.
    The possibility of personalizing the majority of product features.
    Positive brand image in the eyes of customers.
    Lower costs of introducing a new product to the market.

    European manufacturer of abrasive articles

    INTER GROUP is the largest manufacturer of nail files and other abrasive products in Poland. All products are manufactured in our factory in Namysłów. The factory has been operating since 2015, and in the course of our operations we have obtained many quality certificates, including the European quality leader, the European guarantee of the highest quality, and the European Safety Certificate. We specialise in the production of nail files, polishers and other abrasive articles. In our range you will find more than 150 versions of nail files, which come in a variety of shapes, gradations and designs. We produce more than 150,000 nail files every day, making us the leading manufacturer of such articles in Europe.


    Discover our caps

    Aba Group's cap covers have been made from silicon carbide grit, which ensures the highest level of quality in their intended use.

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    Discover production capabilities

    Increase the recognition of your brand with personalized abrasive articles featuring a chosen imprint. We will create a design for the imprint that will be applied to the abrasive product, or adapt an existing design. Collaborating with us means no limitations in choice (within the offer). The shape of the file, grit, or color of the abrasive paper. We also offer the option of packaging files and buffers in foil, cardboard, or skin pack.

    Lead times (implementation, graphic preparation, production) -
    30 business days for the first order.

    Available packaging options:
    Skin pack, foil (1-25 pcs.), cardboard packaging.
    Without packaging.

    MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) -
    10,000 pieces / 10,000 SKUs.

    MOQ for nail files in foil packaging -
    Large nail file: 120,000 pieces.
    Mini nail file/Mini buffer: 165,000 pieces.

    Types of imprint -
    One-sided color or one-sided black and white.

    Thickness and grit. Shape Imprint Packaging

    The nail file factory has been operating since 2014, and during our activity, we have obtained numerous certificates, including European Quality Leader, European Guarantee of the Highest Quality, and European Safety Certificate.

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    How to prepare a print-ready design?


    Colored nail file - Download the PDF template.


    Black and white nail file - Download the PDF template.


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