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We are engaged in the production of various types of abrasive articles used in the cosmetic industry. We create nail files, abrasive caps, polishers, but also abrasive blocks. We are the leading manufacturer of manicure and pedicure articles in Europe.

All the files you can see on our website were produced at our file factory in Namysłów. It was established in 2015, and the first files that rolled off the production line were semi-circle, straight, trapezoid, ellipse shapes and an XL file. They are created 100% in Poland - from design to manufacturing. As a manufacturer of nail files, we provide a wide variety of assortment, as well as competitive prices.

Our products have numerous certifications including European Safety Certificate, European guarantee of highest quality, European quality leader.

INTER GROUP in numbers:

2000m2 – this is the area of our factory in Namysłów. The file and other abrasive articles are produced using only European prefabricated products.
150,000 - that's how many files we produce and sell every day.
150 - we offer more than 150 different variations of nail file (shape, gradation, thickness).
700 - this is the number of wholesale customers we have served over nine years.

Features of our abrasive products:

Safety - we use non-toxic raw materials, therefore the adhesives we use have been dermatologically tested.
Durability - the abrasive used is characterized by a long life, so the abrasive grains break rather than wear out.
High quality - INTER GROUP products are made from 100% European prefabricated products.
Efficient abrasive - each of our files is coated with stearate to prevent "clogging" during use.
Reliability - all the above-mentioned features make working with our files always fast, precise and safe.
Design - our files with color or black and white printing definitely catch the customer's attention.