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Before ELDA BEAUTY was established, we operated under the name ELDA HURT, and at that time we were engaged in wholesale business. In 2020, there was a big change and we rebranded from wholesaler to retailer.

Zanim powstała ELDA BEAUTY funkcjonowaliśmy pod nazwą ELDA HURT, wtedy też zajmowaliśmy się działalnością hurtową. W 2020 roku nastąpiła spora zmiana i z hurtownika przebranżowiliśmy się na sprzedaż detaliczną.

As an online drugstore, we proudly offer a wide assortment, where you will find many well-known brands. Bielenda, Apis, Joanna, ABA GROUP, MANI KING or Kallos are companies that could not be missing from our store. In addition, we offer shampoos and conditioners for hair, hair removal products, cleaners and acetones, but also hybrid polishes.

We have an extensive assortment designed for professional use. In the "Cabinet" category, you will find specialized products for podiatry, eyelash lamination, as well as disposable tools or equipment.

We encourage you to check out our offer!